Closing the Gap: Cheers to adventure & new beginnings

As my gap year comes to a close, I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting on this year and would love to share some of my thoughts and say thank you to everyone who has supported, hosted, or walked with me this year!

These past seven months have been an exceptional, indescribable journey. Every breathtaking sight or view, heart changing moment or story, and unique face left a permanent mark on my soul. Since this past September I have gained hands on experience in the fields of nursing and parenting, ridden a horse, learned to sew, served meals, loaded trucks, taken a ride in a small plane, met senators and authors, tutored, taught English, watched a baby come into this world by C-section, hiked to the top of mountains in Ethiopia, toured the Royal Palace of Madrid, experienced new cultures, gained exposure to different ways of thinking, walked 110km of the El Camino, walked on The Old Course in St. Andrews, and so much more. The hospitality and generosity of those along the way is what made this year possible and simply amazing. I’ve felt at home all across the country and even in different parts of the world because of these people receiving me with open arms. I hope they know that they now all have a home in Michigan! 🙂 Just try not to all show up at once. This year I have listened, learned, observed, hoped, feared, laughed, cried, loved, and have met a great number of beautiful souls that I can now truly call friends. I strived to soak up as much wisdom, love, friendship, and experience as I could and honestly, my cup is overflowing. I thank The Lord for every divine appointment and unique person he led me to this year. I am extremely thankful for my mom and dad who have always encouraged me to follow Him and not let anything of this world hold me back from that. They have both invested and sacrificed so much to get myself and my sisters to where we are today. They have molded our hearts and minds and guided us to the best of their ability for many years. They have been so brave and full of trust in God continually when the time comes for another one of their baby girls to leave the nest. I will always admire them greatly for that. I learned this trust in God from them and it has been a constant theme this year. Trusting that finances would come through, that I would stay healthy and able to travel, that my hosts would be safe and admirable people, that I would form lasting friendships, that I would learn and grow, but most of all that if some or all of these things didn’t happen, that it would still be okay. Because it isn’t my plan or understanding that matters. Ultimately I cannot control any of these things and worrying does nothing but wear me down, all I can do is completely and wholeheartedly trust.











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